How Barbaric Were The Barbarians Analysis

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How barbaric were the barbarians? You may have heard of the barbarians also known as the mongol warriors. These warriors date all the way back to the thirteenth century. In the passage “the mongols : how barbaric were the “ barbarians”? It describes different things they experienced during their lifetime. There was several different leaders with the same mindset they all wanted more they all wanted bigger and better power. When succeeding in most of these wars they had most of what they wanted but then when new leader would come and take over and they would want more and more this resulted in a lot of power. In the few paragraphs to come I will be explaining how these barbarians were barbaric.

One way barbarians were barbaric was when they attacked china’s capital until they took over and conquered and were in full control. “ Streets of the chinese capital were greasy with human fat and flesh.” (paragraph 1 line 6-7 ).This is an act of savagery killing people for the better of oneself and one’s belief. Another way they were barbaric was when they tried to make an example of rizian that would make other russian cities want to submit, these horrific actions ed in the death of women men and sadly children. “ Subedei sought to make an example of rizian that would cause
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For example the middle east and southern china were targeted by the mongols. “ Two targets were chosen, the middle east and southern china.” ( paragraph ).this resulted in building a army which then resulted into the massive army advancing with persia. Lastly another reason on why they were so barbaric was because when one-hundred-fifty men from the mongols were killed this was bad. This resulted in a onslaught that raked over the land of khwarazm shah. “ what followed was a mongols onslaught that raked over the land of the khwarazm shah. Cities fell; persian casualties were extraordinarily

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