How Attitude Shapes Our Life

Topics: Psychology, Behaviorism, Cognition Pages: 3 (511 words) Published: June 27, 2013
How Attitude Shape Our Life

We have very often heard people
saying that Attitude is how one
shapes his or her life. Now what
exactly is Attitude? Attitude is
basically how one assesses on
factors like people, objects,
issues or events. They could
either be positive or negative,
that depends on how one views
the situation. Based on
researches, it has been
understood that there are
several components that makes
up a persons attitude.
The components could be like for
example, an emotional
component where based on your
emotions is how a situation or
person is being valued. Another
component is the cognitive
component where in it is based
on your thoughts and believes of
the subject. And the last
component is the behavioral
component and this is one
important component as it
influences our behaviour.
Attitudes that influence or
behaviors could also include the
explicit and implicit. Explicit
attitude are those that e are
constantly aware and influence
our thoughts and believes. The
Implicit attitude is something
that is unconscious, but it could
also influence your behavior. Attitudes get formed from
experience. They are formed
over the years either from
observation or from experience.
They can be learned in a variety
of ways. Even a simple
advertisement could influence
you and may even have a change
on your thoughts about a
particular product. This kind of
attitude formation is known as
classical conditioning. Another
kind of conditioning is the
Operant Conditioning where the
attitude develops from other
people’s thinking. Sometimes
people around us could make an
impact on our behavior and
change ourselves. And finally
attitudes could be developed by
observing people around us. A
simple example of this kind of
attitude development is, kids
trying to be what their parents
are. This is just observation and
imitation, that develops into an
attitude later.
Attitude does influence ones
behavior. Studies...
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