How Are the Metrics for Internal Site Search Calculated?

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How are the metrics for internal site search calculated?
Google Analytics uses the following formulas to calculate the metrics used in internal site search reports: •Visits with Search = The number of visits that used your site's search function at least once. •Percentage of visits that used internal search = Visits with Search/Total Visits •Total Unique Searches = The total number of times that your site search was used. This excludes multiple searches on the same keyword during the same visit. •Results Page Views/Search = Page Views of search result pages/Total Unique Searches •Search Exits = The number of searches a visitor made immediately before leaving the site. •Percentage of Search Exits = Search Exits/Visits with Search •Search Refinements = The number of times that a visitor searched again immediately after performing a search. •Percentage Search Refinements = The percentage of searches that resulted in a search refinement. Calculated as Search Refinements/Page Views of search result pages. •Time after Search = The average amount of time that visitors spend on your site after performing a search. This is calculated as Sum of all "search_duration" across all searches/("search_transitions" + 1) •Search Depth = The average number of pages that visitors viewed after performing a search. This is calculated as Sum of all "search_depth" across all searches/("search_transitions" + 1) Sample Calculations

This section describes a visitor's experience with your website's search engine and explains how Google Analytics calculates the resulting data. The visitor progresses through three different pages when interacting with your website's search engine: •Search Page - Page on site where the visitor enters terms for a web search •Search Results Page - Results page that is returned on a search engine query •Results Page View - The page viewed after a click on a results page Assuming that your website received three visits from visitors...
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