How Are Farmers Growing More Crops with Less Water Than Before?

Topics: Drip irrigation, Water, Irrigation Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: April 4, 2013
How are farmers growing more crops with less water than before?

Today farmers are growing more crops with less water with the use of 3 types of irrigation systems drip irrigation, hydroponics, and center pivots. All three of these irrigation systems and with the help of some modern technology is allowing farmers to grow bigger and better crops with the use of less water and at a lower cost than before. The way a drip irrigation system works is it uses a leader hose connected to an outdoor faucet and it lets the water flow from the faucet through the leader hose at low pressure and lets it seep through the perforations in the hose. The second is hydroponics it is there the plant is planted in water for germination then transferred in to soil until the plant grows. The third is by using a center pivot. A center pivot uses hydraulic or electric motors to turn the wheels on the center pivot to make it rotate. I.e. Center Pivot and what a center pivot dose is it rotates in a circle to water crops with less water reducing the need to go and rent thousands of dollars’ worth of machinery to dig irrigation canals and the hassles of up keep on the cannel channels and yet it helps the plants grow better because it will keep coyotes and other animals from eating the plants and destroying thousands of dollars’ worth of profit and work hours and the need for more farm hands but the watering systems themselves are really a tool before its time because the center pivot was first built back in 1949 by a guy named Frank Ziebach. But it had many problems like it was only able to water crops 2-4 foot tall this was not a problem for the northern regions that grew sugar beets and alfalfa. But yet it created many problems for the southern regions that grew crops that grew to be 7 foot tall or taller so Frank couldn’t build the bigger ones in his shop any more so he moved from Columbus to Colorado Nebraska where he partnered with one of his friends and put up a $ 25,000...
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