How Andrea Jung Became Successful

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How Andrea Jung Became Successful

At your request, I have prepared an informal report about Andrea Jung, who has become a very successful business woman. I was surprised to find out how much I identified with her and found myself wondering how far in my career I would have been had I followed my parents’ advice.

Andrea Jung was born in 1959 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her parents moved to Massachusetts after her dad was offered a teaching job at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and that’s where she grew up. Her parents are both Chinese immigrants that moved their children with the dream of providing them with a better education. Both her parents are very educated people and they set high standards for Jung and expected her to work hard for what she wanted and to achieve as much as possible without losing sight of her heritage and values.

She has always stated that she was not a very good student growing up, but her parents would offer something in return for her earning straight A’s.1 Every time she wanted something she knew she would have to study really hard to get it and it’s because of this that she credits her parents with furthering her resolve and ambition.1 While in high school she got involved in extra-curricular activities, especially the student body, she served as class secretary and then president. After high school, Jung attended Princeton University and earned a BA degree in English Literature. She decided to take a break from school and hoped to attend law school afterwards, but she enjoyed her job so much that she decided that perhaps that was her calling.1

Jung attended a college career fair and she was hired by Bloomingdale’s for a management-training program. She had at first figured the experience would come in helpful once she started working on her law degree, but she realized that she really enjoyed working in...
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