How and Why Is One Social Group Represented in a Particular Wa

Topics: Want, Need, Woman Pages: 2 (905 words) Published: February 2, 2013
How and why is one social group represented in a particular way? We are all shaped by the culture and environment that we grow up in. As we grow up, we are taught certain things and are bombarded with images. These later become the norm and shape society. If we live in a society that is constantly showing woman in a certain way, it becomes the accepted image of how woman should act and behave. If we live in a society which says woman should have a certain place within society that becomes normal as well. I think this shows very obvious when you look at advertisements. If a woman is always portrayed as a caring sex object, then that is how she will see herself. More often you see young girls wearing short skirts, tight pants and cut shirts. They want to be noticed and do whatever they can to achieve that. They know that if they show enough of their body and make themselves look desirable enough they will succeeded. This is a tactic used by advertisers everywhere. If a woman believes she needs a man to succeed in life and the only way to get a man is to look good, that is what she is going to try. This is one of the accepted ideas about our culture which certainly pops up everywhere in advertisements to sell products. When a man sees a woman as desirable in an advertisement while she does or wears a certain thing, you will be able to sell that product to women because she will believe that if she wears or does what the advertisements says she will be a desirable woman and maybe that one new product that she buys will be the one thing that attracts the attention of a guy and gets him to notice and accept her, thereby wanting her. In the Sprite ad of 2006 a girl, which was not that old, was prancing around a room in her underwear and bra playing to the camera. Her hair was done and she had make up on. She was talking about a moment that poets have tried to describe for years, but weren’t able to. She said that it is something about being perfect, about being a...
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