How and Why Does Macbeth Turn from War Hero Into Evil Murderer?

Topics: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland, Malcolm III of Scotland Pages: 4 (1688 words) Published: June 20, 2010
In particular reference to Act One, How and why does Macbeth turn from war hero into evil murderer? ‘Macbeth,’ a Shakespeare play, written in 1606, portrays a tragic hero. The definition of which is... ‘That a character shows the qualities of a hero, however has a fatal flaw, (a term used in many of Shakespeare’s plays), which leads to his/her downfall. Shakespeare wrote the play ‘Macbeth’ for King James I, who, at the time, was a great supporter of the theatre. Plus, he was also the person who financed some of Shakespeare’s plays, thus he was simply tipping his hat to his benefactor. Another reason maybe to do with the fact that ‘Macbeth’ has a many supernatural elements to it; in addition, the play was inspired by King James I who had his own interests in such topics. James was also a descendent of Banquo, which ties in with the three witches’ prophecy in the play, and that Banquo’s descendants will one day reign. Seen as a potent and ambitious warrior, Macbeth, one of the leaders of Duncan’s army is not described, as we would’ve thought, by the author himself, but form reports from other characters. The captain says: "Brave Macbeth "When Duncan hears the news he adds: "o valiant cousin "and "Noble Macbeth ". From the previous statement we can already see that people very much respect and look up to him. At the end of the play, Malcolm dismisses Macbeth as a "dead butcher." However, some might see Malcolm as being predisposed in his opinions, due to the fact that he only hears about Macbeth's actions- which is bad enough, seeing as rumours are often embellished, but also because the audience gets a more in-depth view of Macbeth's temperament. Another reason that Malcolm's views are a little unreasonable is that Malcolm is still angry at Macbeth for killing his father, blaming him and Donaldbain for the murder "We hear our cruel cousins are not...confessing their cruel parricide," and for stealing Malcolm's rightful title as king "True my lord." He is also still...
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