How and Why Do Microclimates Vary Between Coniferous and Deciduous Woodland Areas in the Bon Nant Valley?

Topics: Lapse rate, Mont Blanc, Troposphere Pages: 3 (660 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Investigation 2: How and why do microclimates vary between coniferous and deciduous woodland areas in the Bon Nant Valley?

Hypothesis 1: There will be a significant difference in air and ground temperature in deciduous and coniferous woodlands in the Bon Nant Valley Null hypothesis: There will be no difference in air and ground temperature in deciduous and coniferous woodlands in the Bon Nant Valley

I believe that this hypothesis will be proved correct as coniferous and deciduous woodlands have differences in wind speed, and light intensity due to the differences in the density of trees and thickness of canopy, these factors will affect the temperature in the woodland.

Hypothesis 2:

Risk Assessment:

Risk Assessment Scale
Severity RatingLikelihood Rating
5 Death/permanent disability5 Almost certain to happen
4 Serious injury/long-term sickness4 Highly likely to happen 3 Short-term injury/3 day absence3 Possible
2 Medical attention2 Might happen
1 Minor injury1 Remote possibility

Identification of significant hazardsSeverity & Likelihood RatingRisk FactorControl measures in place Slipping on mountain path and twisting, spraining a muscle or even fracturing a bone4 X 28Wear hiking boots with appropriate grip and ankle support in the field. Ensure I am never alone when taking measurements so someone is available to assist in the event of an injury. Sunburn/ Sunstroke2X24Wear sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses and ensure large amounts of fluid is consumed to prevent dehydration and fatigue. Hypothermia3X26Wear clothing appropriate to weather, if cold ensure hats, gloves, scarves, waterproof trousers and raincoats are worn to reduce heat loss and food and drink is regularly consumed. Tick bites3X26Ensure that all skin on legs and ankles is covered and avoid walking in long grass. Getting lost3X39Never leave the group or go anywhere alone and stick to the paths at all times.

2: Study Area

Location of Bon Nant Valley...
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