How Amazon Uses E-Business and E-Commerce for B2B and B2C

Topics: Electronic commerce, Marketing, E-mail Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: September 17, 2010
How Amazon uses E-Business and E-Commerce for B2B and B2C

Amazon leads America web services into expose business of today’s technology world. e-business and e-commerce focuses businesses ran on the Internet, while utilizing Internet technologies to improve the productivity or profitability of a business. To best understand the world of Amazon, it must describe the form of electronic business which utilizes a computer to market its products. Purchasing and selling goods using e-business services assist other traditional business aspects. It provides the use of electronic chat that aids the consumers in receiving a form of technical and customer support. “Online retailer Amazon stated that consumers have accepted the Internet as a sales channel and that selling online can be profitable” (Thomas). Additionally, an e-business saves incredible amounts of time while providing opportunities unavailable through traditional support. By using virtual computer systems, as technical support operators can tenuously access a customer's computer and assist them in correcting a problem. The B2B and B2BC can be benefited by using the website in order to reveal globally and it makes it more fitting for the customer and business. Amazon uses B2B by providing the opportunity to purchase and sell all types of products via the internet. It allows for relationships to be established in order to complete sales and business transactions. Additionally, providing email address and having personalized memberships are methods for dispensing sale ads and providing discount coupons is a use of the internet by Amazon. Rather than producing time-intensive and costly physical copies for each consumer, a central server or email list can serve as an efficient method for distributing necessary information to the general public. Amazon uses B2C as a way to illustrate an online retailer that offers thousands of products for customers. Each customer purchase is relatively small, but the...
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