How Actors Contributed To The Success O

Topics: Audience, Audience theory, Grammatical tense Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: December 2, 2014
How Actors Contributed To The Success Of The Production
Ted Naracott
During the bidding for Joey, the audience needs to feel tension as to whether Ted will win the bid for Joey. Ted pauses before delivering “Thirty-nine guineas!” This added to the tension of the scene, as the audience is unsure whether Ted is going to bid any higher and therefore win the bid. Ted and Arthur held eye contact in close proxemics after he says “Thirty-nine guineas!” Holding eye contact in close proxemics reinforced Ted’s dislike for his brother, as he is daring his brother to outbid him. After Joey kicks Ted, he says “Fetch me my gun. I’m gonna kill ‘im!” Ted has an aggressive tone and a louder volume to express his character’s anger. The overreaction reinforces Ted’s character trait of being a drunk. He delivers this line whilst he stumbles to his feet from the floor. The audience can sympathise with Ted, because he appears so pathetic in this scene. During the plough scene, the mood of comedy is explored. This allows for a contrast during the later scenes that are tenser. Carter tells Arthur and Ted to split the difference, but Ted barely moves the bucket when he splits the difference. When Arthur calls him out on it, Ted says “To there, then.” Ted shrugs on this line and says it in a dismissive tone as if he never cared, which creates the comedic atmosphere after Ted has been caught cheating. In the final scene where Albert returns home, Ted removes his hat of his head as Albert enters. This shows that Ted really did care about his son and is overjoyed to see him return home. This also contributes to the audiences’ feelings of joy as the family is back together and is happy.
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