How accurate is it to say that strong leadership was the main factor responsible for the consolidation of Bolshevik control of Russia, November 1917 to 1924?

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Under strong leadership the Bolsheviks were able to come into power, overturning the Provisional Government in the second revolution of the year. Lenin was an outstanding figure during the Russian Revolution. The strong leadership is the main reason for the consolidation of Bolshevik control of Russia however the poor leadership of the military and the incompetence of the provisional government also helped.
Lenin became interested in radical politics and after his studies joined many discussion groups, he quickly became a senior member in many of them. As his knowledge and charisma was able to convince long-standing members of the radical organisations to allow him to lead them shows how Lenin was able to convince the Russians to support him. Lenin was also very strong willed which made him very decisive unlike the provisional government which lacked support and authority. Furthermore Lenin made sure that there was no internal conflicts between Bolsheviks making them a very strong fighting force against the provisional government which makes it very accurate to say that strong leadership was the main factor responsible for the consolidations of Bolshevik control of Russia. Lenin also had a big vision of turning the country to a new way which took account of what the people wanted. For example his slogan for the Bolsheviks was ‘Peace, Bread,Land’ and this was very effective in gaining a huge amount of support from the people of Russia. Continuing on Lenin was also very willing to adapt to make sure that Russia survived. For example the peace agreements with Germany. Therefore Lenins leadership qualities was a huge factor in maintaining the Bolshevik control over Russia by satisfying the people of Russia and influencing them to believe in him.
On the other hand although leadership played a big role the incompetence of the Provisional government also did. The Provisional government was weak and unstable as it was a coalition between the Liberals, Mensheviks and

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