Housing Statisctics Analysis in New Zealand

Topics: Wellington, New Zealand, Iwi Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Introduction to Research: paper 5213|
Research: Housing. Elsdon Takapuwahia.|
Miriama Solomon.|

RESEARCH QUESTION: What does Elsdon have to offer?
SUBURB: Elsdon Takapuwahia.

1) My first review is on Elsdon which is a website published by Porirua City Council. This website is part of the Council’s general information to the general public about Elsdon. They wrote this piece of literature so that people could get a general overview of Elsdon, and they wrote it for general knowledge of the area. The key information for this piece of literature is that houses in Elsdon are usually snapped up by first time buyers and new families. Porirua City Council (2012) states that the housing prices in Elsdon range from $160,000 to $280,000, the median sale price is $237,000 and the more expensive homes in Elsdon range up to $300,000. The houses being moderately inexpensive produce higher profits for home owners that are renting their properties out. Porirua City Council (2012) states that Elsdon houses are quintessentially Kiwi boxy weatherboard three bedroom houses, they are mostly similar in construction, but are all in different condition and colour. They all reflect the designs of the houses largely built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Many have had modifications, with granny flats, garages, and sleep outs added on to the property. Porirua City Council (2012) states that the iwi’s “tightly held” homes, are generally passed down from generation to generation, or sold privately to other Ngati Toa descendants, often without the use of real estate agents. (Porirua City Council, 2012). This piece of literature was not written with quality verified information, there was no proof stating what they said was nothing more than general information and their opinion. It informs the reader of the housing prices, the housing structure and how the Iwi deal with selling their own properties.

2) My second review is on Finda, Ora Toa and...
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