Housekeeping Activities Have Negative Environmental Impacts. Discuss These Activities and State the Actions Programs to Curb the Negativities.

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Housekeeping activities have negative environmental impacts. Discuss these activities and state the actions programs to curb the negativities.

Housekeeping in a hotel has to meet far more rigorous standards than most people maintain in their own houses. Housekeepers vacuum the entire floor of each guest room and dust every surface. They check lamps, clocks, radios and the TV to make sure they work. They clean all the surfaces in the bathroom and restock it with guest supplies.

Then they make the bed, immaculately and with no creases. Usually they change linens and towels, unless guests request that they not be changed. (More hotels are asking guests to specifically request changes as a way of reducing energy costs.) Housekeeping department responsible to all cleaning stuff in a hotel.

Negative Environmental Impacts of Housekeeping Activities

Some of the adverse environmental impacts caused by the laundry operation are mentioned below

Significant Environmental Aspects and Impacts – Laundry Department   |

Various activities in Laundry operation| Aspects| Environmental Impact| Significant Aspect| Washing of Guest clothes using ionic and nonionic detergents, and liquid bleach & sour| Generation of wastewater and possibility of over use of chemicals| Water pollution| Possibility of excessive Phosphates in wastewater| Dry cleaning using per- chloroethylene or other dry cleaning solvents| Use of hazardous chemicals| Land pollution| Generation of Hazardous Waste| Packing items paper collar-band, shirt card, plastic bow, shirt band and butter paper| Generation of plastic waste and consumption of more packaging materials| Land pollution| Plastic waste| Use of plastic hangers for suits, trousers, lady suits.| Generation of plastic hangers| Land pollution| Plastic waste|

2. Housekeeping
This department is instrumental in ensuring the cleanliness of the hotel and maintaining facilities in guestrooms, offices and public areas to provide maximum guest satisfaction. Environmental Impacts

To maintain the cleanliness in the hotel, housekeeping department consumes different type of cleaning agents, most of them may not be environmental friendly in nature and also contributes a significant amount of soiled linen for laundry. Some of the significant environmental aspects caused due to housekeeping operations in the hotel are listed

Significant environmental aspects and impacts of housekeeping department Various activities in Housekeeping| Aspects| Environmental Impact| Significant Aspect| Cleaning of guest rooms, public areas, carpets, furniture, metal wares etc| Generation of solid waste, Consumption of hazardous chemicals as a cleaning agents| Land pollution(solid waste)| Release of non biodegradable chemicals| Replenishing the guest supplies in the rooms| Generation of used plastic bottles, soaps and soiled linen| Land pollution(solid Wast)| Plastic waste|

3. Housekeeping and Use of energy
Energy is the lodging industry's second-greatest operating cost, with the biggest energy hogs being heating, cooling and lighting. , cooling and lighting energy waste using methods that are imperceptible to guests. 

4. Unnecessary use of Chemicals
Chemicals play an important role in hotel house keeping department. E.g. = Glass cleaners, toilet cleaners act.
Chemicals can also be a major source of environmental waste, risk, and impacts. Unnecessary use of chemical can be affect human health, safety, and the environment. Chemicals can affect worker health through exposure in the workplace or customer health through exposure during he/she stay in the hotel. Chemicals can also affect human health and ecosystem health through releases to air, water, or land during production activities or after products are discarded.

What is chemical waste?
chemical waste is any unnecessary or excess use of a chemical...
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