House on mango street notes

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House on Mango street =

Shortly characterise the life of the family before moving to Mango Street. - They had to move around a lot, and once stayed at the Loomis. The conditions there was not good, and the landlord would not solve the problems that would occur like when the water pipes broke.

What were the hopes and promises of the family?
- They were told that their new house would be amazing. It would have real stairs, and pipes that worked and they could stay there for always. It would also have white trees around it and at least three washrooms. It would be their dream house.

What is reality like (in Mango Street)?
- It is small and red, has tiny windows everything in their were practically small compared to what they had imagined.

How can you tell from where the family has immigrated?
- Probably latinos. From their names and what they call their parents.

Hairs =

Describe the mood of the chapter.
- Comfort, feels like home.

Make a list of the words that help set this mood.
- Warm, Near, Papa snoring, The smell of bread, sleep, sweet, pretty, candy circles, rosettes, safe.

Boys and girls =

What is the main theme of this chapter?
- Friends, lonely (?)

Explain the metaphor of the red balloon (final lines).
- She feels trapped, she just waits to be set free (from the anchor). The family represents the anchor and the balloon is freedom. Red balloon → love, warm, anger, passion, desire.

How does the narrator feel in this chapter?
- She is quite jealous of the others who has best friends. But in spite of that she is hopeful that someday she will get a best friend too.

How does the narrator feel at the end of the chapter?
- She has dreams and is assured that she will get a friend one day.

4: My Name

What symbols are there in this chapter?
- Great grandma —> Fancy chandelier + Wild woman
- Her name —> In english it symbolizes hope and in spanish, too many letters.

What does the chapter reveal about Mexican family patterns?
- The names are used several times.
- The Mexican woman must not be strong, they have to listen to the men in the family.

10: Louie, his cousin and his other cousin

Why do you think Louie’s cousin has a scarf tied around the mirror of his car? - He is probably in a gang.

How do you think he got the car?
- We think that he stole the car.

How does the narrator feel at the end of the chapter?
- She seems calm so she was probably not surprised.

12: Those Who Don’t

How does the narrator see ‘those who don’t know any better’? - She thinks it is ridiculous that they think we are dangerous. They are stupid people.

What does the narrator reveal at the end of the chapter?
- That even though she thinks it is stupid that they get scared in their neighborhood, she herself becomes scared when she enters an unknown neighborhood. And that is just how it is.

What’s the main theme of the chapter?
- Fear of the unknown. + Prejudice

What is the message of the chapter, and do you agree with this message?

- That you shouldn’t be so prejudiced - and yes we agree. 13: There Was an Old Woman…

Characterise Rosa Vargas.
- She is a single mother who can not raise her children the right way. Her husband left her and she can not handle the kids alone.

Characterise the behaviour of the children.
- They are rude and doesn’t know how to behave or respect other peoples properties. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

Do you find the Vargas family a typical trait of a poor neighbourhood? Why/why not? - Yes it could be. She probably does not have many money and therefore has to work a lot, which means that she does not have much time for her children and that could be the reason to the children’s misbehavior.

21: The First Job:

How does the narrator feel about her job? What does the way she acts during the breaks reveal? - She thinks it is boring but easy since she does not have to do...
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