House on Mango

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Katelyn Gettys Questions – 15 – 29 – House on Mango Street "Darius and the Clouds"
What is the significance of the sky, butterflies and the flowers? Well, the sky reminded him of his childhood. They’d make familiar shapes and just bring back the best memories which made him in a better mood. Since Darius is one of those guys that like to tease girls around the school yard, it kind of gives him a bad feeling about himself. He relies on the sky, butterflies and flowers. When he looks up in the sky, he sees nothing but happiness and peace. He believes there will never be enough butterflies and flowers. He thinks god exists in one of those white puffs in the sky we like to call clouds. “And Some More”

Cisneros writes this vignette as a back and forth response. Why does she choose this narrative technique for this vignette? I believe she chose this back and forth response during this vignette because of the fact this section had a bit of bickering and insulting towards Esperanza. It makes more sense to have a back and forth response rather than just telling the story. Like for instance, when Lucy insulted Esperanza by calling her ugly and saying her face was as puffy as the clouds. Who would want to describe this? It makes more sense this way. Since the two groups of sisters erupt in a battle of insults, culminating in Esperanza scolding Nenny never to speak to Lucy and Rachel again. Battles are meant to be back and forth. :) "The Family of Little Feet"

How do the shoes influence how others see the girls?
Well, Nenny, Rachel, Lucy, and Esperanza got shoes from this woman; they loved the way they looked on them. The colors were vibrant and just beautiful. It gave them attractive and womanly legs and they were warned that the pumps weren’t meant for little girls. They ignored them. Men were teasing them with sexual comments and the shoes caused a flirtation between Rachel and a drunken bum. He asks her for a kiss for a...
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