House of Sand and Fog Sense of Self

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House of Sand and Fog sense of self essay

In House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III, the author states an epigraph in the beginning of the novel from (“ The Balcony” by Octavio Paz): “Beyond myself/ somewhere/ I wait for my arrival.” This epigraph defines ones sense of self and Behrani, Kathy, and Lester in House of Sand and Fog all have a sense of self in some way. It may not be clear at first but the author burn’s an image of each character’s personality into the readers head. By the end of the novel it becomes quite clear of which character feels right at home with their sense of self and that Lester has the clearest sense of self. Dubus makes it clear through the novel that Behrani’s sense of self is to return his current status back to what he once had in Iran and to make his family respect him like before. Behrani is forced to leave his country and had move to California in search of an aerospace industry job. He wants to get his life back in order and live a similar life to the one he lived in Iran. The author first draws our attention to when Behrani states “I do not know if it was the glass of champagne my Nadi drank, or if it was because Esmail had fallen asleep early before his television in his room, or if it was simply the joyful news of the real estate appraiser who I hired to come here yesterday, the news I thank god for and cannot yet believe, that this bungalow is worth four times what I paid for it and the appraiser sees no difficulty in our finding a buyer for it, especially with the new widow’s walk that will overlook the sea”(page68-69). Behrani takes every risk that no other would take. He spends almost all the money under his name to buy the house just so he can change his life around and become wealthy like he was as a Savak colonial. Even though Behrani is trying to get his wealth and power he isn’t complete without respect. According to the author when Behrani is talking about his son Esmail, “He has seen me leave dressed in a...
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