House of caring

Topics: Human, Thought, Homelessness Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Who would ever imagine that just a regular house nearby the city Kuldīga could contain such a surprise? I wouldn’t. So you can picture my astonishment when I first entered my classmates house and literally found myself in a zoo. The house was full with all kind of animals - I noticed two dogs, a lazy cat, a slowly moving turtle, a cage with several noisy birds in there, a cage with cutest little hamsters and other with rabbit inside. And I haven’t mentioned all pets. Oh, there are many families with lots of animals, you might say. I agree. But the most interesting thing about this particular family is that they not only take care of their own pets, but they also give home to the homeless ones, who have experienced the cruelty of life and human nature, by finding themselves alone on the streets without food and caring hands. There are thousands of abandoned animals every year in Latvia. Usually they get help from organizations that help lost animals find new homes. But it’s pleasing to know that also citizens are concerned about this issue. “This all started when we moved into this house, called “Priedlejas”,” tells the hostess, Dace. “We decided that a house isn’t really a home when there isn’t any little cute creature in there. So we bought a puppy. And look how it all turned out.” she laughs. Dace and her husband Ivars bought the house in late nineties. They were tired of the city, besides they wanted their kids, Zane and Jānis, to grow up in the country side. “As kids go to school and we both work in Riga, we are on wheels a lot, but we don’t complain, because nothing compares to this privilege seeing and feeling how the seasons click.” After a puppy, kitty came, after that all the rest animal family members. Zariņu family now have six dogs, tree cats, one turtle, five different birds, four hamsters, one rabbit and an aquarium. All the cats and five of the dogs have been homeless and founded love and care in “Priedlejas.” They like to think that their pet is...
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