House is not a home

Topics: India, Weather, Bangladesh Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 1, 2014
Prof. Richard Doughty
Geography 101
March 27, 2014
“A House Is Not a Home”
I once heard a saying that stated, “When it rains it pours.” In some cases it is not always like that. I say that because, on the old country side where I live, rain comes in a quick shower and that’s about it. I cannot justify that for others because while reading this passage, I learned that some families are not as fortunate as my family and I. With that thought there two families I read about in the passage that experienced a rough time and definitely not as fortunate as my family and I. I will take the time now to express the trials they went through. Instead of enjoying the monsoon season, which gives off enough rain to help out with food production, Dilip Das hated to see that season approach Ghoramara Island. Das and his family would sit and wander would they reap a harvest or would it be a disaster. Deep down in their hearts they knew that when the rain comes destruction comes behind it. The sea would swallow (eat away) land piece by piece, which would cause Dilip Das to have to move his family a few meters over and build a house with hopeful mindset. He owned a gasoline-powered vehicle and sprayed an aerosol can to try and block the flood, but it didn’t help because the floods and erosions became very severe. So instead Dilip and his family had to keep migrating. He moved and moved but the same thing happened. The island became filled with houses, including the other families that lost everything. Because of this, there was no place to shop and no place to work. When Das found a job, he would be lucky to earn a dollar day. He did not own any land and didn’t have any money. So really it was a rough time. On another hand, there was another man that went by the name Badal Jana. Badal Jana and his family went through the same thing. They had to keep migrating as well. The rains on Sundarbans Island really sweep many families away from their prize possessions and...
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