Hounds of Baskerville

Topics: The Hound of the Baskervilles, Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett Pages: 7 (2006 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Aiding and abetting a felony”

This phrase refers to Watson and Henry because they were aware that the escaped convict, Seldon, was just within their grasps. Because that they had found that Seldon was Barrymore’s brother, they decided that they should be kind-hearted towards the family. This promise was not kept when Watson and Henry were out of the sight of the Barrymore’s during the night; they chased down Seldon but lost him in the darkness.


Barrymore was of great importance of the novel because he served as the red herring. He was known as the main suspect until Henry and Watson discovered the reason he traveled to the same window every night. This gave Stapleton time to plan his next kill, which would appear to be on Sir Henry Baskerville. In the novel, he was the Baskerville family’s butler, Seldon’s brother, and the wife of Elizabeth Barrymore.

Charles Baskerville

Sir Charles Baskerville’s death was what started the mystery in the novel. He was at the Yew alley waiting for Laura Lyons when the hound leaped into the alley and frightened Baskerville until his heart could not take it any longer. His heart failed (most likely because of his heart condition) and he died in the alley with no scratch on him.


Dartmoor was a small area of Devonshire where all the clues of the mystery were unraveled. Dartmoor was where all the suspects and Baskerville Hall were. The mystery started here with the death of Sir Charles in a yew alley.

Elizabeth Barrymore

Elizabeth Barrymore did not have a large roll in the story but she got herself or her husband to deliver leftover food to Seldon whenever he was around Baskerville Hall. In order to see if Seldon was around, she got her husband to shine a light out of the window overlooking the moor. She served as the wife of Barrymore in the novel.


Frankland was one of the suspects Holmes had mentioned to Watson to be aware of. When suspicions grew about Barrymore, Frankland was no longer acknowledged as a suspect. The day Watson visited his home resulted in somewhat of a new clue. Frankland owned a telescope that got Watson to see a man on the tor. Watson eventually discovered that the man was Holmes. In the novel, Frankland was the father of Laura Lyons but did not live with her because she married without his permission.

Grimpen Mire

Grimpen Mire is an area on the moor where it is said that death would come upon man or beast. Stapleton describes that the quicksand is impossible to escape based upon his studies of the moor. Stapleton also says that there are one or two paths that are safe to cross. When Henry and Watson heard the hound’s cry, they predicted that they heard it from Grimpen Mire which was where the hound was kept in a cave.

Hugo Baskerville

Hugo Baskerville was of a wicked and violent nature and started the legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles. In the legend, it describes Hugo’s hounds chasing down his love that had escaped his grasps. While following his hounds, Hugo gets knocked off his horse by what you could call a hellhound, an evil menacing creature. It is said that the hound tore the throat out off Hugo in front of all of his companions and scurried off. It was then on that the legend was carried through the Baskerville family. Ingenious Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes shows his trait of intelligence throughout the entire novel. Some scenarios are when Holmes identifies the age of the manuscript in the beginning of the novel and when he draws conclusions about the murder case at the end of the novel. In the novel, it describes Holmes as supposedly the best detective in the world. This statement definitely applies to Holmes from how he...
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