Hould Business Hire Employees for Their Entire Lives?

Topics: Employment, Termination of employment, Recruitment Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: March 5, 2009
Should business hire employees for their entire lives?

Employees will benefit from the decision of being hired for their whole lives. It will guarantee their job, and they don't need to worry about their later lives. But it seems not a wise decision for companies on account of they will face difficulties in emplyees' enthusiasm, management and innovation.

If this lifetime employment is introduced into companies, competition between workers will be weaken, which lead to less enthusiasm in working. Except the ones with ambition of promotion, most workers will take the minimum efforts with the same amount of income and no risk of being fired. Ten years ago, a lot of companies in China bankrupted because they offer lifetime positions to employees. It was a common phenomenon that employees spent most of their working hours in drinking tee, reading newspapers and charting. Companies gained less and less profit, as a result, companies were closed and employees were laid off work.

Scondly, offering tenure to employees will cause problems that a manager can not handle. A new manager usually dismiss some workers who are not worth their salt to establish his/her prestige. Hired for entire lives, employees will not only loaf on the job but do not care much about the connection between staff and the development of the company. Unable to fire workers, the manager can hardly make workers obedient and tasks completed.

Finally, companies that guarantee lifetime positions can't keep pace with the rapid changing world. The development of science and technology requires innovation, which is symbolized by the change that computers take the place of workers. The best approach to adapt this change is to employ more workers who is proficient in operating computers and discharge craftsmen. However, if a company can't fire employees, it may either pay a large amount of extra money on salary or be less competitive for fossil personnel system. Therefore, the company will be in a...
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