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BAILEEEEEY S*Class/Colour influences the choices available to people and the decisions that they make

"In the Heat of the Night" is novel written by John Ball to show racial attitudes that happened in a small town in the southern part of the United States. The novel shows how one can never get rid of discrimination but can overcome it. The movie displays how some of the white men in the town of Wells judge based the exterior of individuals. The white detectives think they are a superior class so they are influenced to make rational and unrealistic decisions based on class\colour. As the police force work to find the murderer they make many false accusations along the way. In the end they come to the realization the fog blinding their vision is nothing but their ignorance.

In the beginning of the novel a racist cop, Sam Woods, arrests Virgil Tibbs. Sam takes him into custody without any reason at all. "On your feet, black boy he ordered...No you don’t…Make one false move and I'll drop you right then with a bullet in your spine" (15-16) Sam making this arrest shows how he is uneducated and bases his arrests on looks. Little did he know, Virgil is a detective who was just awaiting a train. I experienced the opposite. It was a majority of black people ganging up on white people. When we entered the McDonalds in Merivale we were harassed. My friends and I had drinks, chairs and fists thrown at us. We were called “White rich bitches” yet they had no knowledge of who we were or where we came from. We could have been from a trailer park yet they based everything on the colour of our skin and the class that we supposedly are.

While trying to find the murderer of Mr. Mantoli the men make many mistakes. Since they don’t have the expertise of investigating they choose the killer by impulse. Chief Gillespie arrests Harvey Oberst because he believes Harvey is ‘poor white trash’ who therefore must need money. Tibb’s proves he is not the murderer and they

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