Hotel Welcome Speech

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Good afternoon and a warm welcome to all.

I am very happy to be here with you this afternoon to celebrate this significant and momentous occasion, both for the Park Hyatt St Kitts Christophe Harbour and St Kitts and Nevis. It is an immense privilege to participate in this historic and great beginning of what has become one of St Kitts’ finest hotel resorts.
It is indeed a joy to share this moment with the people who made it possible, and who are among us today. The Architects, Designers, Engineers, Development planners and Construction workers and Managers, whose work made this development a reality. I extend my sincere thanks, for your hard work and commitment to this Project since its inception and over the past several months....

This destination has opened up the gateway for high-end tourism on St Kitts and Nevis.
A new era began with the construction of the St Kitts Marriott Hotel with availability of 600 rooms, which raised the bar. Mention must also be made of the Royal St Kitts Hotel (Jack Tar) which came soon after. Confidence in the vision was further evidenced by the 2,500 acre beautiful resort community of Christophe Harbour, with a mega-yacht harbour and marina as well as an impressive collection of restaurants, and boutiques.
Examples of other major developments taking place in St Kitts and Nevis are evidenced by Projects on the northern coast of the island which include the Kittitian Hill Luxury Resort, and the Heldon Estate (Ramada). All these financed by inflows from the citizenship by investment...

This new tourism project has propelled us to be a strong competitor to maintain our enviable position as a preferred destination. During 2016, we received high recognition which included being ranked in the top ten for the best islands in the world. Best Beach honeymoon Destination in the World, and an Emerging Luxury Destination.
My fellow citizens, we have achieved a lot together but must not become complacent. Our naturally friendly and helpful attitude is a demonstration of who we are as a people. These are some of the attributes that go a long way in making our investors and visitors feel welcomed in our country.
Tourism is a major component of economic growth and social development in the Federation, and contributing significantly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We must all embrace these economic opportunities for development. We continue to partner with the private sector for national development as we make every effort to achieve our goal as a sustainable tourism industry. We must continue to ensure that our customer service is at an optimum level. The way we receive visitors coming to our shores, the processing of passengers and of course the quality of our Ports are all important areas that must be...
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