Hotel Sorrento

Topics: Australia, Brisbane, Culture of Australia Pages: 3 (1221 words) Published: August 8, 2010
Question: With reference to the stage play Hotel Sorrento explain how you were positioned to respond to the representation of individuals and/or groups of people in the play. Hannie Rayson’s Play “Hotel Sorrento” explores the changing nature of Australian cultural identity. As a reader we are positioned to assess the contrasting views of characters who oppose ideas whether Australia has changed or not. Expatriates contrast with embracing Australians in order to show one of the underlying themes throughout the book. Meg is an Expatriate who has lived in London and represents the cultural cringe contrasting with Dick, A character of patriotism who is embracing being a part of cultural developing Australia. In the 1950’s Australia represented notions of patriarchy, anti-intellectualism and a sort of cultural void by the 1990’s it was evident that change had been made. But to what extent is the issue the book discusses. Dialogue, is a key technique that is used to create characters and are what the audience relate to in order to respond in a certain way to identity ideas throughout the play. The reader is positioned to disagree with Megs views on Australia as Australians we don’t believe that we are what she makes us out to be. Through Meg's expatriate eyes Rayson looks at the changes that Australian culture and identity has undergone over a ten-year period. Meg is the writer of Melancholy a book that seems to represent the way Australians are capable of producing great art, yet it receives great recognition overseas that the Australian society only have a limited capacity to transform or change. Which challenges the views of an Australian reader who don’t necessarily agree with ideas and values that Meg possesses. She is a high profile achiever and represents the role of the Artist in Australia and the cultural cringe. Meg sees’ Australia as a country that "honours ordinariness" and is "rife with xenophobia and anti-intellectualism." This is a very limited view of...
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