Hotel Rwanda Answers

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Hutu Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Josemare T. D. Santos

Hotel Rwanda Movie Questions

1. What city is the movie taking place in?
The city is Kigali in Rwanda.
2. What country supplied the Hutus with machetes and how much did they cost? They came from China, each one cost ten cents.
3. Describe the guests at Paul’s Hotel.
The most part was rich people from other countries.
4. What does Paul tell his wife when she asks why the soldiers would have arrested Victor (the neighbor)? He told that someone who didn’t liked him must denounced him as a rebel spy. 5. What does the Rwandan journalist tell Jack (the American reporter) is the difference between the Hutus and Tutsis? That the Belgian colonists created the division between them. The Tutsis were taller and more elegant than the Hutus. The Belgians chose the ones with thinner noses and lighter skin and used them to run the country. When the Belgians left the country, they leaved the power to the Hutus and they revenged from the Tutsis for the years of repression. 6. What was the Hutu signal to start killing Tutsis?

‘’Cut the tall trees’’.
7. What excuse does Paul give the soldier as to why he cannot leave his family? Why do you think this is? He said that wasn’t safe because could have Tutsi spies everywhere. He said this because he knew that his wife was Tutsi and if the soldiers found out they would kill her and their children. 8. What does Col. Oliver mean when he tells Paul, ‘’we are here as peacekeepers, not peacemakers’’?

He wanted to mean that they wouldn’t finish the genocide, they were trying to keep peace, but they couldn’t stop the war.

9. Jack (the news reporter) tells Paul, ‘’I think if people see this footage they will say, ‘Oh my god this is horrible’, and then they will go back on eating their dinner’’. Do you agree? Why or why not?

I agree, because this relates to the fact that when people see the news on TV and has things like this they don’t really do anything to change the situation, and in this case not...
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