Hotel Rwanda

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Hutu, Rwanda Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: April 3, 2006
Hotel Rwanda: Character Analysis

Hotel Rwanda, a film directed by Terry George is a story of a man named Paul Rusesabagina, who saves about 1,200 people from being killed. Paul very creatively buys time and creates multiple ways to save the people of his hotel from being killed by the Hutu Tribe. The Tutsi Tribe had around a million members killed by the Tutsi tribe during this horrific time.

Paul is a very wise man. He plays many different roles throughout the film. Paul does courageous things throughout the film and the different hats that he wears. Paul is a terrific role model for his children and to all of the people in Rwanda.

Paul is always looking out for people. As Roger Ebert said, "Paul is the kind of man who knows how things work in the real world, he uses his skills of bribery, flattery, apology and deception to save these lives who have come into his care." Paul is a father not just to his family, but to all of the people staying at his hotel. They look to him, and follow his direction to lead them to survive. When Paul's family gets the exit visa, for his family to leave the country safely, he stays behind to watch over those who are left at his hotel. Paul has such compassion to the people, and yet has the smarts and deception to outwit the soldiers of the Hutu tribe.

Paul's many different sides are seen in the film, Hotel Rwanda, by Terry George. He is able to flatter the generals and too win them over. He understands that he must provide them with two bottles of fine scotch when it is returned. He has the power to stay at ease when talking to the soldiers, and always has enough wisdom to buy additional time. His courage allows him to do whatever it takes to save the people of his family, and of his country.
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