Hotel Review.

Topics: Breakfast, Hotel, Shower Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 30, 2013
I recently along with my best friend- checked in for a 2-night stay in the Fota Island Resort. We were on a short relaxing break away from a Sunday to Tuesday. Upon arrival the lobby of the stunning and luxurious hotel, we we’re pleasantly welcomed by a very mannerly receptionist at the front desk. It was just after 7:30pm we arrived and en route to our room, we both remarked on the lovely fragrance smell that filled the hall. After dropping our luggage at the room. We quickly decided to venture down for a light lunch and the ‘Spike Bar’. We had to wait a bit to be seated (understandably), as there was a full house. Once we were seated I ordered the soup of the day (which was vegetable soup) and my friend ordered the steak sandwich and a portion of wedges. The waitress whom I remembers name being Alana was a little brisk and very straight to the point. Possibly could have being a little bit nicer. And slightly more attentive, took our orders. , My friend ordered a glass of wine but she totally forgot bring, different waiter presented a glass of wine few mins later. On a positive note, we were given a selection of homemade breads on the side, with a nice ramica of butter and this was an absolutely delicious! My soup was absolutely divine; all the ingredients seem to give an amazing flavor! I also tried a sample of my friend’s steak sandwich, which I thought toasted excellent also- best wedges I have ever tasted!! On arriving back at the room, we had time to check it out. We just loved the room. I really liked the colour scheme in the bathroom, although found the bath very small. My friend is 6ft’3 couldn’t fit comfortably .He lookily availed of the power shower. I was impressed there was plenty of storage space for clothes and for shower products etc.

The following morning we went for breakfast, once again we had to queue up for five mins waiting for a table, but was well worth the wait. We were spoilt for choice with selection of breakfast foods such as...
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