Hotel Management System

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The project Hotel Management System is used for maintaining the information for each and every customer, employee, driver and product. Each and every customer has own personal details and the products are transferred through the driver. Before providing the product to customer, the administrator gathering necessary information about the product meanwhile the invoice is also raised for the customerâ„¢s product.

Technology:DOT NET

Feasibility Analysis:

The Hotel Manager software is a web-based application that is designed to be implemented for small to medium sized hotels. The privilege of creating this application as a web-based one is that it could be run by several offices within the hotel such as the front desk, managerial office, etc… This software’s objective is mainly to keep track of the hotel room’s conditions if available, accommodated or even requires housekeeping or maintenance. The main objective is accompanied by several other services that are provided through the software features such as hotel airport shuttle services & taxi scheduling, restaurant reservations management, wake up calls alarms or even laundry services organizer. Bill generation is one of the options as well that is provided by this software Upon providing such services the user is capable of accessing their hotel rooms database easily, while having useful information about their statuses; furthermore, being able to monitor the other services being provided for guests accommodating in the hotel. Hotel Manager software would create a user-friendly interface, where any hotel employee would be able to use this software with basic computer skills. The software is developed using “Java” programming language, which makes the system conflict-free from running on any type of operating system..| ?Q|

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This Project Hotel Management System is to design a web based system. Which facilitates on line reservation of hotel accommodations from anywhere in the world . In this project there are three modules .They are

1.Customer Module
2.Management module
3.Hotel Registration/Administration Module.

Customer Module

The Customer Module is again divided into two sub modules.

Customer Booking Module
Customer Services Module

Customer Booking Module provides an interface to the user to view cities located in a selected country,hotels in the selected city. It also provides a view of all facilities and their corresponding costs available in that selected hotel. This module allows the user to select facilities of this choice and allows him to submit a reservation.Based on the choice made by the user the system displays an invoice from regarding bill,if he agrees for the bill he will be facilitated with an userid and password using which he can proceed for modifications in the future. Finally the system accepts the payment mode and validates his mode of payment.

Customer Services module provides three services to the customer who has already reserved his accommodation with the system.The various services provided by the system are  1.look up the confirmed reservation.

2.modify the reservation details like checkin date,checkout date,number of rooms,room type etc. 3.cancel the reservation.

Management module
Management module deals with the hotel room status administration and enable the hotel manager to enlist his hotel status with the system,to see the list of orders booked in his hotel,modify the number of rooms etc.

Hotel Reservation/administration module

This module is again divided in to two submodules namely
1.hotel registration module
2.hotel administration module

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