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TLH314: International Hospitality Management
Hotel industry is an essential part of tourism of india. The expansion of tourism is well inevitable bringing out development of the hotel industry. Hotel industry is so closely linked with the tourism industry that it is responsible for about 50% of the foreign exchange earnings from tourism trade and enterprises. Background to International Hotel Industry (and tourism)

The four major BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and
China) continue to be targeted for hotel chain expansion,
but the Chinese market is beginning to look saturated,
especially in the upscale to luxury sector. India and Brazil have substantial growth potential and Russia has the
biggest development pipeline in Europe.
Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industri es. In 2003 the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) estimated that there were some 694 million international tourists worldwide. As a result, tourism has major impact on many important areas of society: the economy, the social and cultura l aspects and the environment. However, unsustainable ill-considered tourism growth can impact negatively on all these facets. In the long-run, this can have serious consequences – for everyone.

he global size of the hotel industry is not as easy to quantify as one might imagine. Data on the size of the global hotel market is scarce, subjective (with regard to what constitutes a hotel) and is only published with relative infrequency outside the US. There are also a range of factors that cloud the issue:

it is important to note that UNWTO statistics include not just hotels but also inns, bed & breakfasts and other ‘similar establishments’, thus overestimating the size of the actual hotel industry. In 2009, STR Global estimated that the global hotel industry was more in the area of 11mn rooms, but this just included hotels as opposed to hotels and similar establishments. Recent research by MKG...
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