Hotel Intern Report

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First 400-Hour Report

This report views the my first experience and evaluation as a front office intern at Traders Hotel Yangon which is a chain hotel of Shangri- La resorts and hotels. As a front office intern, I have to rotate among 7 departments of the front office including the operator department, business center, Traders Club Lounge department, Mini Mart, Concierge, Reception and finally Guest Relation Officer Department. My internship period was 2 months so I was assigned at one department at least 1 week according to my supervisor’s evaluation upon my hard work. Since the first day of work, my training manager Jimmy Phyo Min Thein welcomed me warmly and introduced me to all the other employees that I will be working with. Then he showed me around the whole hotel including laundry department and food and beverage department. Even though I won’t be working at those departments, Jimmy believed that it is essential for me to know about the hotel I am working at and its products.

Traders Hotel Yangon usually do not accept short time interns like me who will be only working for 2 months. They usually recruit interns every 6 months and the interns will be trained for 5 months according to the hotel’s schedule. Since I am interning for only 2 months, I didn’t receive full training program as the other interns. I had to work closely with my training manager or sometimes with supervisors from individual departments. In a way, I consider this a better one because I got to work closely with supervisors while the others are trained with other interns and did not have much opportunity to learn closely from the supervisors. My personalized training progress was separated in two parts; in class training and on the field training. At the beginning of every shift, I have to learn about the department its system by reading manual guides and books. Then at the second half, I got a chance to go on the field and interact with guests. For the first couple of days in each department, I would have to be attached to my supervisor while assisting guests. So that if I make a mistake or if I need help, my supervisor would be there for me to help. Moreover, it would be more comfortable for guests and I don’t have to disappoint them too.

My proof of learning about their training programs and the hotel’s products can be seen while I am assisting guests. In addition, my supervisor also asks me questions about my study just to check whether I am actually putting effort in my internship. Once I am familiar with the department and its system, I am allowed to work on my own, assisting guests while my supervisor sometimes watch me from far. I learn so many things from my experience including guest assisting skills in a professional way, serving foods and drinks and delighting customers and getting feedbacks from there. Even though all departments are under Front Office, each department is slightly different and I learn new things every time I move to a different department.

From operator department, I learned about assisting guests through telephone in professional ways including making wake up calls, replying messages and helping guests with laundry services. Operator department was my first department as an intern and I learned many things about hotel products which is really essential for a front office intern. Then in Concierge, I have to help the bellmen who are also drivers of the hotel with their scheduling of airport pick ups and drop offs. Since bellmen of Traders Hotel Yangon are also drivers of the hotel, when they all went to airport for pick-ups and drop-offs on busy day, I was in charge of the concierge counter. I performed receiving luggage and sending them of the rooms. For heavy loads, the male hostess of the hotel helped me with them. I also help the guests with directions into the city and arranging cabs for them. It was pretty tiring for me to stand the whole day at the concierge counter but I had fun assisting guests...
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