Hotel Industry with Case Studies

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The Hotel Industry Overview

The hospitality industry covers a diverse range of establishments providing hospitality services in the form of accommodation, meals and drinks. A large proportion of people working in the hospitality industry are employed part-time and this is an increasing trend. It is estimated that by the year 2007 about 55% of the people employed in the hospitality industry could be working full-time and 55% part-time. This reflects the realities of the industry, where there is a need to be able to schedule hours of work to coincide with patterns of demand (within the day/week and seasonally the accommodation industry includes hotels, motels and similar places providing short-term accommodation. This industry also covers all aspects of the provision of accommodation at camping grounds, caravan parks, guest and holiday houses and flats, private hotels which offer short-term accommodation, bed and breakfast accommodation, farm stays, ski lodges, student residences and youth hostels. The growth in accommodation infrastructure is underpinned by a tendency of travelers to use commercial lodging (as opposed to private accommodation). The American Express Quarterly Travel Intentions Survey suggests that over 65% of Australians traveling domestically use commercial accommodation. Most guest rooms in hotels, motels, guesthouses and serviced apartments are concentrated in the capital cities. Hotels

Included in the hotel industry are hotels, resorts and serviced apartments. Hotels and resorts are establishments which are licensed to operate a public bar and which provide accommodation on a room/suite basis, with a bath/shower and other facilities in most guest rooms, but which do not have full cooking facilities (i.e. hot plates and oven/microwave) in most guest rooms. In the past couple of years, there has been a steady increase in the number of people traveling, which has resulted in an upswing in business for the service industry, the shipping industry, and the staffing industry. The hotel industry in the US consists of about 30,000 companies that operate 50,000 individual locations, with combined annual revenue of $90 billion. Large US companies include Marriott International, Star wood Hotels & Resorts, and Hilton Hotels. The industry is moderately concentrated; the 50 largest companies hold about 45 percent of the market. The majority of hotels are affiliated with a chain. A typical hotel has about $7 million of annual revenue and 100 employees. .

Hyatt Corporation

Global Hyatt is one of the world's top operators of full-service luxury hotels and resorts with more than 700 locations in some 40 countries. Its core Hyatt Regency brand offers hospitality services targeted primarily to business travelers and upscale vacationers. The firm also operates properties under the names Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Hyatt Summerfield Suites, Hyatt Resorts, and Andaz. Its resort destinations offer golf, spas, and other up market rest and relaxation activities. Although Global Hyatt was formed in 2004, the Hyatt chain traces its roots back to 1957. It is owned by the wealthy Pritzker family of Chicago. Global Hyatt Corporation, one of the world’s premier hotel companies, offers today’s travelers over 735 hotels and resorts (over 136,000 rooms) in more than 44 countries. The company’s affiliates own, operate, manage and franchise Hyatt branded hotels and resorts under the Park Hyatt™, Grand Hyatt™, Hyatt Regency™, Hyatt Resorts™, Hyatt®, Hyatt Place™ and Hyatt Summerfield Suites® brands. In April 2007, Hyatt launched its newest global brand, Andaz™.These are pictures of Hyatt Delhi, Montreal, Bonita Springs & Grand Hyatt Sydney.
General Environment

Political/Legal Environment-The political environment includes governmental and special interest groups that influence and limit various...

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