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Business 599 – Final Project
Business Plan

“Radhe Palace” Hotel & Suites

Southern States University
Newport Beach Campus
Winter 2012

Kunal S Shah

Gary W. Lawson, DPA

Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement

The undersigned _______________ hereby agrees that all financial and other information that he will receive concerning “Radhe” Hotel & Suites is confidential. The information shall remain the property of “Radhe Palace” Hotel & Suites and shall be returned to “Radhe Palace” Hotel & Suites promptly upon request together with all other copies.

Recipient acknowledges that no remedy of law may be adequate to compensate “Radhe” Hotel & Suites for a version of this agreement and recipient hereby agrees that in addition to any legal or other rights may be available in the event of a breach hereunder, “Radhe” Hotel & Suites may seek equitable relief to enforce this agreement in any court of competent jurisdiction.

____________________________ _________________ SignedDate

This document contains confidential information. It is given to you for information purposes only. Its contents shall remain the property of “Radhe Palace” Hotel & Suites and shall be returned to “Radhe” Hotel & Suites when requested. This business plan does not imply an offering of securities.

Table of Contents

1. Executive summary
1. Mission statement
2. Vision statement
3. Objectives
4. Keys to success
2. Company summary
1. Company ownership
2. Start-up summary
3. Legal requirements
3. Products/Services
1. Products/Services
4. Market analysis summary
4.1 Market Description
4.2 Market segmentation
4.3 Target market segment strategy
4.4 Market needs
4.5 Industry analysis
5. Strategy and implementation summary
1. Competitive edge
2. Market strategy
3. Launch marketing
4. Sales strategy
1. Sales forecast
5. Milestones
6. SWOT analysis
6. Web plan summary
1. Website marketing strategy
2. Website development requirements
3. Social media
7. Management summary
1. Personnel plan
2. Organizational chart
8. Financial Plan
1. Important assumptions
2. Break-even analysis
3. Projected profit and Loss
4. Projected cash flow
5. Projected balance sheet
9. References

1. Executive summary

“Radhe Palace” hotel & suites is a different and unique hotel business concept which will provide excellent home-like with a warm Indian traditional environment for our most valued customers with great team work, consistent standard services and integrity.

Hotel will be located in the heart of San Diego city. I am planning to buy a bankrupt hotel in the hotel circle area. This is a prime location for a hotel and service industry. “Radhe Palace” hotel & suites is an economical hotel with approximately 60 rooms. The rooms are of various sizes: one bed, two bed etc with all the basic facilities inside. Free Wi-Fi high speed internet, morning breakfast, free parking and free T.V. channels which includes news and entertainment channels as a complimentary package for our valued customers.

“Radhe Palace” hotel & suites is targeting leisure people and young adults. Also, business traveling persons are the focused target market customers, as there are many convention centers near the hotel’s location. According to the US Census, 2011, San Diego is the 2nd largest city in state of California and 8th largest city of United States of America. As it is a popular city for tourism, each year around 30 million tourists visit San Diego. So, tourists are also the target market. San...

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