Hotel Front Desk

Topics: Management, Simeon the Righteous, Anna Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Although Anna recognizes through her research a financial commitment by the owners and managerial staff is necessary to make the guest service management program work Anna could have added to her presentation her commitment to the organizational efforts she plans to execute as the front office manager to ensure the program’s success.

Outlining her organizational efforts first instead of starting with her findings for a financial commitment Anna would have gained everyone’s attention. In particular, if Anna’s outline detailed her efforts of analyzing guest and employee interaction, the restructuring of responsibilities, and her ability for introducing empowerment to the front office the presentation would have conveyed a seamless approach of measuring the hotel’s quality to solve guest service issues instead of an attempt to motivate employees through additional expenses.

Furthermore, in a second way after catching everyone’s attention Anna could have persuaded the managerial staff and owners to buy-in through presenting a comparison of the lower 54 to 70 percent numbers of the return business to the hotel from guest complainers who have had their problems solved satisfactorily to the exceptionally higher 95 percent number of the return business to the hotel from guest complainers who have had their problems solved quickly. Using the overwhelming facts of a higher return business that comes from solving guest service problems quickly Anna could have presented a budget from the additional sales to cover the costs of the incentives for the employees in the new guest service management program.

Finally at the end of her presentation using the strategy of developing a guest service management statement Anna could have asked the owners and managerial staff to make their commitment to the guest service management program clear in the service statement by including their commitment to administer the program, train employees to deliver service efficiently, and...
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