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External Factor Summary Analysis (EFAS)

With regards to the IFAS analysis, an EFAS analysis can be made as well. With an EFAS analysis, the external factors like opportunities and threats are being measured. The purpose of creating an EFAS analysis is the same as with the IFAS analysis. The opportunities and threats will be pointed together with the value or weight of this aspect. For providing a better summary of the aspects, comments will be added. Afterwards, the weighted score will indicate how well the company is performing to the external factors. (Hunger. D, 2000)

The NH hotels has to deal with external factors as well, therefore, below an EFAS analysis is made: External factors| Weight| Rating| Weighted score| Comments| Opportunities| | | | |
* Expansion of their activities| 0.25| 4.5| 1.1| Nowadays, South Africa is getting more important for NH Hotels and plays a meaningful role. Mainly because of the black empowerment process to ensure sustainable future market growth and profitability. Furthermore, the tourism industry within South Africa is growing which could be an opportunity for expansion. | * Exploring and exploiting the growth | 0.20| 3.5| 0.7| The NH Hotels can mostly be found in Spain because it has 37% of ownership in Spain. Therefore, the growth is more national than international, where the possibilities lays to explore where there are possibilities to expand more in different countries where NH Hotels can have a bigger growth.| * More education for diversity within the company| 0.25| 4.5| 1.1| NH hotels have 108 different nationalities worldwide with more than 14.000 employees. However, still 37.1% of the nationalities within NH Hotels are Spanish. So for having equal rights and opportunities for everyone, more education is needed for providing a better service when there will be professional service offered.| Threats| | | | |

* Intense competition| 0.20| 4.0| 0.8| NH Hotels is...
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