Hostory to Kinesiology

Topics: 1919 World Series, World Series, Chicago White Sox Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: May 8, 2014
Hanna Sanchez
Randi Slusser
Introduction to Kinesiology: PELEC 18
DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" November 17, 2013
How the World Series scandal is history to kinesiology
How does history play a role in kinesiology you may ask? History plays a big part in everybody's daily lives. History informs you on things your memory can't recall from the past or maybe when things happened and you weren't even born yet. History consists of a ton of information normally about societies that differ from ours. A kinesiologist is knowledge about history of physical activity like the popularity of sports in college, or the lack of opportunity in sports across racial, ethnic, and gender lines. The knowledge of history can help us improve our decisions today. A perfect example would be the 1919 World Series scandal that played a big part in history. In 1919 the World Series that year was generating fifty percent more revenue than any other World Series to date. The Chicago white sox wear playing the Cincinnati reds that year. That year the World Series was a very big event with the money that was already starting to flow around everywhere if someone could actually know the outcome of the World Series beforehand they could make a pretty big profit. When the fix started there wasn't a single mastermind behind the idea it ended up being a collaboration of ideas. Two people that stand out in this fix were William Thomas burns better known as "sleepy bill" and his partner Billy Maharg. Burns or sleepy bill was an ex-major league pitcher and he was the one that had connections to the players, on he other hand Maharg was the gambler that had all the underground connections. The two had big dreams for big money but hey couldn't do it alone. Sleepy bill and Maharg went up to the two white sox players, a pitcher named Ed Cicotte and their first baseman Arnold Gandil to talk about fixing the World Series. After discussing what they needed and had to do they realized that they would...
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