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My essay analyses 4 inportant texts,all including the main and reocurring theme of coming of age. These texts are The help by Tate Taylor, Juno by jason Reitman, Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger and Into the Wild by Jon Krakaeur. There comes a point in everyones lives where they are no longer children, but aduldts. This trasnformation of the body and mind is often referred to as the 'coming of age', or growing up. The timing of this event is different for everybody, seeing as everyone is an individual with different perks, Aspects and variables. no two people are alike. Some children Reach this stage by means of a tragic or painful event which changes their course of life and they change. But some chidren reach this stage simply by growing up and older, while gaining a better understaning of the world around them. to some innocence is a beautiful bliss that they admire. In the film 'The Help' the Character Skeeter is a contradictory Woman for the Time Setting in which she lives. She devotes her self, at a considerable risk, to a book that features the stories of black women who work for white families in the town of jackson, mississippi. She also Belongs to the junior league and is close friends with other high-society women in her area. she has been best friends with Hilly Holbrook and Elizabeth Leefolt since grade school. but as the story progesses she becomes more distant to her social circle. from Skeeters side of the story, 'the help' is a coming of age novel. Skeeter is not afraid to resist and not buy into all the myths that black people are dirtier and harbour infectious diseases that are poisonous to white people. the realtionship she once had with her own maid Constantine make all of these assumptions ridiculous. Her desire to help the maids give voice to their experiences is also motivated by a...
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