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Renfrey Memorial Hospital Board Project Proposal

Renfrey Memorial Hospital Board Project Proposal

Wanda Goodnough

Ashford University
Principles Of Health Care Administration
MHA 601
Professor Kinsey
February 21, 2011

Table of Contents

Executive summery2
Shortages of nurses4
Causes of shortages in nurses5
Effects of shortages in nurses6
Solutions to curb nurse shortages7
Solutions most viable for Renfrey Memorial Hospital10
Conclusion and recommendations13

Renfrey Memorial Hospital Board Project Proposal

Executive Summary

American hospitals have in the recent past experienced acute shortages of nurses and the problem seems to be worse in the near future if necessary steps are not taken. The shortages currently are more multifaceted as compared to what happened in the past 50 years (Ulrich et al., 2005). Renfrey Memorial Hospital is such an example that has been faced with shortages in nurses as in the past two years, high rates of nurses have been leaving as a result of stressful working condition making them feel burn out. It resorted to using a pool of nurses from an agency but this proved to be very costly. The effects of nurse shortages are beyond our imagination as patients stand a chance of losing their lives and being less satisfied.

There have been a number of strategies employed by a number of hospitals in the country to address the problem. The strategies include changing leadership and management style so that nurses are provided with a better working environment, provision of competitive compensation and benefits, relying on federal, corporate and state support in terms of funding and policies, outsourcing nurses, recruiting new nurses among others.

For Renfrey Memorial Hospital, it is not enough to just try to recruit new nurses but also to adjust the leadership and management style which will see to it that the environment in which its nurses will be working is conducive and supportive hence making them satisfied and motivated. This initiative if executed in the best way will help the hospital address the current problem in the long-term (Aiken et al., 2009). It is also cost effective as compared to other strategies such as outsourcing.


In the recent past a number of organizations have been faced with a myriad of problems, among these problems that has been of concern is the ability to retain employees. Research has shown that the rate of employees’ turnover has been in the increase. This does not leave hospitals out of question as retention of nurses coupled with shortages of the same has left a number of health care facilities in trouble.

One hospital that has experience such problem will be used to critically evaluate the issue of nurses’ shortages in the United States of America. The hospital in question is Renfrey Memorial Hospital which is located in Midwest and has bed capacity of 200. RMH has provided American citizens with healthcare services for the past 32 years. It is worth noting that it is the only hospital in the region that maintains 24/7 emergency department and an extended hour clinic. Currently, RMH is undergoing a problem in retaining its nurses. Statistics show that approximately 68% of nurses are above 45 years and are faced with retirement.

A survey established that the nurses are of the opinion that their work is physically too demanding which is attributed to them being physically exhausted. Additionally, most of them felt emotionally burn out. Some reported that working at the hospital and at the same time taking care of their older parents causes stress to them. As a result, the hospital in the past two years have experience the highest rates of nurses leaving the profession forcing FMH to use nurses from an agency. The monetary cost associated with such an...

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