Hospitality Industry of Hotel Project Assignment

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We have a project to open a Western Restaurant in Shanghai. So we paid a visited to FHC 2005 Hospitality Exhibition on Tue. 17th November. We will have two major items to find at the exhibition. One is the equipment of a western restaurant. The other is the product of western restaurant. For equipment part we will find 2 companies product and find the suitable crockery, cutlery, coffee machine, cake display fridge, for our restaurant. For the product part, we will find 10 new products to stock in our new restaurant. Our restaurant will be a Middle to Upper Level Fine Dining Western Restaurant. So our target market of the customer will be the businessman, Foreigner, High income people. Therefore, the location will be at somewhere in downtown Shanghai, where close to many business offices building or Commercial Street, like at Nanjing Rd. West. So some goods we choose will be the good quality and High-end product. And our restaurant will have about 100 square meters, 30 tables, each table have 4 people. Approximately, this project will have the budget with 2 million RMB. That include the decoration, rent, labor cost (Recruitment & Staff Training), operating costs (electricity, Gas, Water). We will divide the 2 million RMB into 2 parts, about 1,400,000 RMB for decoration, rent, labor cost, and operating costs. And the other 600,000 RMB for the equipment. In this report, we mainly focus on the equipment and product.

About the crockery, two companies that we compare with are Royal Doulton and HEC. Price
Royal Doulton
The price of Royal Doulton is a little high. One cappuccino cup & saucer is about 145 RMB. A Nigella Lawson Mixing bowl is about RMB 355. A set of four measuring cups is nearly 192 RMB and a measuring is 129 RMB. I think they are a little more expensive for us, but the products in their company are very modern and creative. It’s quite suitable for the young’s. HEC

Compare to Royal Doulton, the price in HEC is cheaper. A square plate is 16 RMB. A round widen plate is 68 RMB. Oval-shaped plate with two handles is 180 RMB. The products in this company are more practical and common. The price is suit for every middle scope restaurant. Quality

The two company’s products are all high quality. Especially for the HEC’s product where were using at hotels such as Hilton Shanghai, Holiday inn, Zhejiang Hotel and so on. They have more than 60 Long-term Hotel customers. Safety & Hygiene

For product’s safety and hygiene, the Royal Doulton has suggested a lot to the customers. It is including three parts, Usage, washing and storage. To be safety, you must read instruction before you use them. In usage, it tells you that crockery in their company is not have a good fit in naked flame and to pay attention to the fine bone china, it can’t be used for cooking, just for freezer and oven. To wash and store, them, you must pay attention to the hygiene. You can wash them in dishwasher, at 65℃. When washed by hand, pads and abrasive washing detergents is not allowed. When you store plates, a paper napkin need be placed between each plate. HEC products are similarly to the Royal Doulton ones.

In this part, we’d like to choose Royal Doulton Company. In every season, to meet market’s need, and contact with their customers, they will create new product. This season's trend at Royal Doulton is "Nature and Serenity". You can find this design trend in their new dinnerware patterns. They also have different products for all the different aged customers. They have tableware with Winnie the Pooh, Bunnykins and Beatrix Potter to attract children. HEC is not doing more in this part. They just attach importance to communicate with the big customers and the whole market. They won’t create new products frequently In contrast, in every season they will give some promotion and leaflet. We will choose…

We’ll choose the crockery...
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