Hospitality Industry in China

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Hospitality Industry in China
1. Introductory
With the fully social and economic development and improvement in China recently,the hospitality industry is undergoing changes from small scale to large and below standard to standardized. And after the entrance into WTO, the domestic hospitality industry became one of the first few enterprises in China engaged in the worldwide competition. Consequently, the hotel enterprises in China not only have to face the beneficial conflicts in competition with local enterprises of the same business so as to have a fair competition environment,but also contend with the large-scale international hotel groups to be competitive in the market share.The further development prospect of hospitality industry in China therefore is full of unforeseen challenges. Based on the previous studies,this paper analyzed the industrial state of Chinese hotel management industry by consulting a large number of references. The paper identified the current issue in the hotel management industry in China. Then it focused on the discussion of the evolutionary trend on the future of Chinese hotel management industrial state by studying the successful experiences in other countries.

2. Characteristics and Challenges of Hospitality Industry in China The hotel market in China in recent years has shown the new features in changes: (1) With the rise of the domestic mass tourism, the size of the domestic tourist market is gradually growing up. Nowadays it has become one of the main consumers of the hotel market. (2) The popularity of leisure and travel in vacation has made the traditional types of hotel can’t meet customer demand effectively at all. (3) Consumers’ pursuit of individuation leads the distinctive theme hotel becoming more fashionable. As the tourism industry in China wants to establish a complete industrial system, it’s necessary to see the management of local hotel as an important part. Therefore, to identify the problems and...
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