Hospitality Industry

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Choosing a career in the Hospitality Industry

So, it is time to decide what you will do with your life. What will you choose? Perhaps you might consider a career in the hospitality industry. What is the hospitality industry? The hospitality industry is defined as the activity of providing lodging, food and beverage, and recreational services, which include but are not limited to hotels, motels, clubs, casinos, restaurants, recreation facilities, tourism, cruise lines, and theme parks. Wow, what a variety of options! A multi-billion dollar industry, hospitality is our country's third largest industry employing nearly 9.5 million people nationally. Your options are great, but what does this mean to you?

Check this out: the history of the hospitality industry dates all the way back to the Colonial Period when, in 1794, the first City Hotel opened in New York City. Things have changed quite a bit since then; the hospitality industry has experienced significant development over the years as it has faced World Wars, The Depression (ask your history teacher!), and various social changes. The industry as we know it today began to take form in the early 1950s and 60s, leading the way for growth into the dynamic industry we know today. Career options in the hospitality industry have continued to grow along with the industry. What career options are offered in the hospitality industry? Where do you start? What types of careers are available? These are the major questions to consider when pursing a career in the hospitality industry. The following descriptions outline the different levels of hospitality positions you might enter into. Entry-Level: This is where you start; the experience and skill you will gain in these positions can prepare you for advancement in your career. Typically the tasks are related to your position and are a valuable component to the success of the hospitality entity. Skilled-Level: This is the next step where you will develop specific skills...
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