Hospitality Industry

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Why there is a tourism industry

In the present day, travel is playing an important role in our daily lives and the tourism industry is entering a booming era. Like other industries, the emergence of tourism industry must have its reason. Tourism industry can be defined as all the various businesses that provided service for tourists. In this essay, I will talk about the value of the tourism industry for tourists, organizations, destination countries and local people to explain why there is a tourism industry.

Tourists need tourism industry in each part of their journey. Beginning a journey, tourists want to know the information about the destinations. To meet tourists’ needs, plenty of tourism websites have been built. Tourists can find all details of destinations like weather, famous food and landscape on the websites. Before starting the trip, tourists need plans for the routes, so more and more travel agencies have turning up. Travel agents can help tourists to arrange their travel routes effectively and book air tickets or ship tickets for tourists. From generating region to destination region, different tourists want different types of transportation. People who want to spend less time on their way may choose to travel by airplane. In the past time, air companies may just have the main air routes. With the increasing number of tourists who want to go to remote places, new air routes have been continually opening that makes people’s travel much easier. Some people do not like travel by plane because it is expensive, then trains would be their first choice. Compared with airplanes, traditional trains always test passengers’ patience. Currently, High-speed railway systems have had a sound improvement, which provides a cheaper and more efficient trip. For further convenience, now maglevs are chasing behind. Car rental is another business for tourists. In China, not every family has a car like western countries’. When people want to make a short trip to near cities, they can rent a car travelling with families. Last but not least, the market of cruise ships is flourishing because some travelers want to have a luxurious trip. About 100,000 international tourists traveled to New York by cruise ship in 2009, according to various industry estimated (Quittner 2010, p. 15). Travelers can find almost everything they want on the ships like restaurants, pools, spas even casinos. Each traveler therefore would take their journey by the most suitable transportation thanks to the tourism industry. After arriving, because people travel for diverse purposes so they need diverse services. To business travelers, there is a saying, time is money. As soon as the customers arrived, airport hotels would be usually chosen for quick meeting and rest. Now, many hotels have commercial floor. There is a separated reception for business travelers to quicker check-in and check-out. Backpackers may not have a big budget, so they need economical accommodation. Youth hotels now can found in almost every big city, they can share rooms with other backpackers or just rent a bed there. Young adventurers who want to escape from mundane lives prefer the unexplored area. So related services like safeguard service and tent rental business have been set up. Disabled tourists need more thoughtful service, some hotels established special rooms there have larger space for wheelchairs. In order to communicate with the deaf and mute tourists, employees of some service organizations have been trained to learn the easy sign language. In today’s modern life, a new group of tourists have appeared, they travel not for business or vacation. These tourists most came from western countries and they want to get medical help. Asia is their destination because most Asian countries have the traditional therapy like herb treatment and acupuncture. Thailand claimed to have the largest number of medical tourists and was reported that in 2004 some 118,701 American, 94,941 UK...

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