Hospitality in the Global Village

Topics: Culture, Immigration, Globalization Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: August 28, 2013
HOSPITALITY IN THE GLOBAL VILLAGE The world has reduced to a global village. It is no more just defined by countries and continents. People are connected across the globe through the Internet and World Wide Web. On the Internet, physical distance is even less of a hindrance to the real-time communicative activities of people, and therefore social spheres are greatly expanded by the openness of the web and the ease at which people can search for online communities and interact with others who share the same interests and concerns. Therefore, this technology fosters the idea of a conglomerate yet unified global community. The concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is a similar thought used in the theory presented by Marshall McLuhan as global village. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam- "vasudha", the earth; "iva" = is as a; and "kutumbakam", (family;) is a Sanskrit phrase that means that the whole world is one single family. The increasing dependance on technology and Web has further shrunk the globe and distances are no more a factor. According to McLuhan, the enhanced "electric speed in bringing all social and political functions together in a sudden imposion has heightened human awareness of responsibility to an intense degree." Increased speed of communication and the ability of people to read about, spread, and react to global news quickly, forces us to become more involved with one another from various social groups and countries around the world and to be more aware of our global responsibilities. Only small men discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously the entire world constitutes but a family. This new reality has implications for forming new sociological structures within the context of culture. Ernest Ravenstein is widely regarded as the earliest migration theorist. Ravenstein, an English geographer, used census data from England and Wales to...
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