Hospitality in Cruise Line

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A. Profession in Cruise Line Industry
Living and working on a cruise ship is for many people an unique experience, fulfilling a life-long dream to travel and meet new people. The job best suits adventurous people, who are willing to work hard and who strive for perfection.

Compared to other industries, cruise lines have a much higher employee turnover rate. Many people consider cruise line jobs as life-long careers, change ships or cruise companies, go on holiday, or simply return to a job on shore. Cruise lines are therefore always looking for new staff.

Who are cruise lines hiring?
- Minimum age usually is 21
- Perfect health, which will be determined during a medical examination - Be fluent in English. Other languages are a plus!
- Team player, outgoing and friendly personality, open minded and flexible - Professional appearance and excellent social skills
- Ability to perform duties under pressure
- Qualifications and experience must meet the requirements for the desired position 

environment onboard
It's an energetic, guest-focused environment. With an average of more than 2,500 guests onboard your particular ship, it's an opportunity to contribute to the success of a world-class operation, while enriching your own experience. Though it can be very rewarding, it can also be challenging, and it will probably take some time to acclimate to the pace of it all. Because it's a 24-hour operation, you can expect to work long hours seven days a week. Additionally, in order to ensure that everyone is familiar with safety procedures (in the case of an emergency), you will be expected to participate in relevant training sessions and drills. medical care

While you’re onboard, the medical doctor onboard will provide you medical care or assistance at no cost . If you have any prescriptions that have been cleared as part of your pre-employment medical exam, those should be filled for the duration of your contract. Cruise lines do not provide dental coverage except in cases of extreme emergencies. They would however, provide assistance in finding a dentist ashore, but in most cases the crew member is responsible for the cost of treatment.

opportunities for promotion/career advancement
We strongly believe in career development. However, as expected, promotions are based on merit/performance, and fair consideration of the relevant requirements. Please do not expect that you will be promoted or transferred from that position within your first assignment, since generally the opportunity for transfer or promotion is not available until you have successfully completed at least one assignment onboard.

People in the Cruise ship
The captain is the first in charge onboard and is responsible for all of his crew and passengers. He must understand all aspects of the boat and takes on an administrative role as well as all navigational duties. Each captain has different standards for his/her boat and usually interacts with passengers, having a more intimate relationship with the crew than on a larger ship. Captains must be licensed, have significant maritime experience and have spent time as a first mate or in an equivalent role onboard other ships.

Luxury yacht engineers make sure the mechanics of the vessel are functioning properly. This includes trouble shooting and fixing any number of functional problems. Plumbing included. Deckhands and Ship Mates

Employees in these positions are responsible for the exterior maintenance of the ship and often have a variety of duties. They assist guests and usually gain intimate relationships with them. They accompany guests during excursions and almost certainly have the widest variety of responsibilities.

The type of chef is directly related to the type of yacht. Luxury Yachts demand luxury chefs. Almost all yacht chefs however, work with a smaller staff and have a great deal of creative freedom. Ordering, food quality standards,...
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