Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Scottish Enterprise Pages: 7 (2068 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Specifically, this essay critically evaluates the view on the hospitality industry, what kinds of businesses are involved in it and challenges it faces. To do so, it considers the views of different authors which are relative with hospitality industry. There is some data describing the importance of the Hospitality industry in the Scotland and worldwide and there is also some figure show the reputation of hospitality industry in the Scotland and tourist interest toward the Scotland. This essay explores most of the area in the hospitality industry, this is done by firstly discussing the importance of hospitality businesses for the economy and related businesses then considers the following areas weakness, strength, challenges and opportunities in Scotland for hospitality businesses. Moreover this essay describes the involvement of government and private sector to promote tourism industry in locally and worldwide. Hospitality is defined differently by different authors. According to Oxford dictionary definition, “Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.” From this quote mean hospitality helps to fullfil the customers needs with friendly service. In contrast to this difinition, Cassee & Reuland’s(1983) argues that,” hospitality a harmonious mixture of food, beverage, and/or shelter, a physical environment, and the behaviour and attitude of people.” According to Cassee & Reuland’s, hospitality is relative with food & beverage, accommodation and safe environment. A reasonable suggestion that can be made from these definitions is hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host in which the host offers service and products to their customers. Moreover, Hospitality is not limited in hotels and restaurant but it is includes pubs, takaway food shops, licensed clubs and motorway service areas, events, catering to both private and public sector clients. The hospitality industry helps to provide employment and increase the country revenue. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry worldwide. It generates 1.3 trillions of US $ worldwide. There were 1,035 billion tourists in the world in 2013. (World Tourism Organisation 2013) Hospitality and tourism industry bring a lot of money to particular country. The country like USA makes 126.2 billion, France 53.6 billion and Spain 55.9 billion which is important part for the country revenue, employment and development (Ben Carter). According to Williams Alistair (2002) the hospitality industry helps to retain culture values, historical building and development by the help of culture event and festivals. Some cultural events help the local community to promote their culture locally or worldwide and teach their culture value to their next generation as well which help to maintain the originality of culture. The hospitality industry can reword badly effect the environment. There are a lot of food wastage, plastic, glass bottles and people use different kind of travel transportation to visit different places which are directly effect on the environment (World Tourism Organisation 2013). The hospitality industry has great importance in UK economy, employment, social and environment fields. The hospitality industry has objective to create new jobs, tackling long term unemployment and decrease budget deficit across UK (BHA 2010). Hospitality industry is generating 8% of total employment and fifth biggest industry in the UK after financial service, transport, communications and construction sectors. There are more than 40000 hospitality businesses which contributing over 34 billion in gross tax revenue in UK. These studies show that hospitality industry is creating lot of opportunities for economy in the United Kingdom. In addition, Hospitality industry has great reputation in Scotland. Scotland tourism is a diverse industry with a range of key subsectors such as hotels, camping sites and offers...

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