Hospital Management System

Topics: Patient, Physician, Hospital Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Proposed Title of the Project:

Computerized Hospital Management System in Zimbabwe.

1.0Background of the Project/ Introduction
Through preliminary literature survey/review on I.T management systems in Zimbabwe it can be noted that hospitals have not fully computerised their data management systems. Most hospitals still rely on manual data capturing and storage mechanisms. Such traditional data management systems are prone to many errors, faults and biases through the human factor (the personnel who capture and manage the data).As a result, a lot of data gets lost, distorted or destroyed through the long paper work involved. This causes a lot of inconveniences and difficulties in accessing data that is stored manually. This research project is inspired to address the lack of a user friendly I.T model in managing data and information in hospitals. The project seeks to design a prototype of a more efficient, user friendly and flexible I.T management system that can be adopted in hospitals. The model will be developed through php programming language. Hospital Management is a web based application to manage the activities related to doctor and patient. Hospital Management is based on distributed architecture. This involves the web services which receives request from the web based application and service processes the request and sends the response back to the application. Web services performs the database operations like insert, delete and update the information about the patients, doctors etc. This kind of distributed architecture is called as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). This application contains login form, patient registration, doctor registration. Hospital Management application allow patients to edit their information like patient name, contact number, address, disease from which he is suffering from etc. The concept of hospital management is very big. The scope of hospital management involves different modules like login module, patient info,...
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