Hospital Management System

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Hospital Management System

Project Report
“Hospital Management System”

Submitted for partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of degree Of
Bachelor OF Engineering


Session 2013

Guided by:-
Prof. Ketan S. Chavada

Submitted by:-
| | |
| Kataria Arvind P.| |
| | |
BE IV Semester (Section- CZ)
Department of COMPUTER

DARSHAN Institute of ENGINEERING AND Technology
At Hadala, Rajkot Morbi Highway, Nr Water Sump
Rajkot-363650 (Gujarat) India

Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology
Computer Engineering


This is to certify that
Mr./Mrs./Ms. Kataria Arvind P. Enrollment No. ************* Branch Computer Engineering semester 6th has satisfactory completed the report.


(H.O.D. CE Department)(Assistant Professor, CE Department)


I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all those people who made this project work easier with words of encouragement, motivation and helped me towards the successful completion of this project work. First I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my Project Guide and Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, Prof. ketan S.chavada Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology, At Hadala Rajkot-363 650 for his insightful advice, motivating suggestions, invaluable guidance, help and lots of moral support in successful completion of this Project and also for his constant encouragement and advice throughout my B.E. (Computer Engineering) programme. I would like to thank all other teaching staff for their valuable teaching and constant advice which made me to finish this program successfully. Finally my deepest gratitude goes to my parents who have given me much needed comfort, support, encouragement and inspiration for completing this project.


This hospital has required a system that maintains its hospital Management System as well as keeps the record of the Hospital in database. This software manage all information about patient name,patient address,doctore information,staff information etc. it also store daily imformation of patient Which is done by doctore. Also store information about billing , finaly it calcluate total bill of patient .

Chapter| Topic| Page No.|
1| Introduction| 9|
1.1| Purpose| 9|
1.2| Scope| 9|
1.3| Overview| 9|
2| General Description| 12|
2.1 | Product Perspective| 12| 2.2| Product features| 12|
2.3| Design and Implementation Constraints| 12|
2.4| Assumption and dependencies| 13|
3| Function Requirement| 14|
3.1| Description| 14|
3.2| Technical issues| 15|
4| Interface Requirements| 16|
4.1| User Interface| 16|
4.2| Hardware Interface| 16|
4.3 | Software Interface| 16|
4.4| Communication Interface| 16|
5| Software requirement Analysis| 17|
5.1| Define Problem| 17|
5.2| Define module & Functionality| 17|
6| Software Design| 18|
6.1| UML Diagram| 18|
6.1.1| State Diagram| 18|
6.1.2| Class Diagram| 21|
6.1.3| Use case Diagram| 22|
6.1.4| Sequence Diagram| 23|
6.2| Database Design| 24|
6.2.1| E-R Diagram| 24|
7| Non function Requirement| 25|
7.1| Performance| 25|
7.2| Security| 25|
7.3| Reliability| 26|
7.4| Availability| 26|
7.5| Safety| 26|
7.6| Software Quality| 26|
7.7| Reusability| 26|
7.8| Maintainability| 26|
8| Timeline Chart| 27|
9| Conclusion| 28|
10| References| 29|

1.  Introduction
1.1 Purpose
* The Software is for the automation of Hospital Management. *...
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