Hospital Lotteries

Topics: Hospital, Physician, Patient Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: March 28, 2012
1. Should hospitals run lotteries to create revenue for their budgets? Why OR why not? Provide reasons.

In my opinion, hospitals should run lotteries to create revenue for their budgets, Many hospitals today are lacking the required space for patients and staff. There are outdated machines still being used and the shortage of staff prevents the medical industry from delivering adequite health care. It would be beneficial for the hospitals to run lotteries. I will support this point of view by looking at overpopulation, out dated medical devices, patient transportation, and the shortage of staff.

Hospitals are well known for being overpopulated. Shockingly, it is pretty common for patients to be laid on a gurneys, then rolled out into the hallway to make room for more serious cases. Larger hospitals need to be built to solve this issue and accomodate the patient count.

Some medical facilites use outdated machines and devices that produce inaccurate results. This is because the upgraded machines have outrageous price tags attatched to them. The old equipment can lead to a misdiagnosis. Patients in small communities usually have to be transported to larger cities for surgery and difficult procedures. Our hospitals would drastically benefit by spending revenue in this area.

Most importantly, hospitals are understaffed. In my small town there is no surgeon at the hospital on shift at night time. The hospital cannot afford to keep a surgeon on shift through out the entire evening. Therefore, patients have to wait until the morning to be seen. Anestheseologists travel from the big city to small towns where their services are required.

In conclusion, I think its a genius idea for hospitals to run lotteries to create revenue in support of their growing budgets. It is painfuly obvious that the health care industry is lacking much needed funding.
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