Hospital Closure
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Generally so many safety net hospital are closing because, there is simply not enough funding to bear the rising population of the United States. Over thirty-three percent over the population are uninsured for various reasons. In today’s society there are so many single parent families that cannot afford to pay for private insurance, so as a result they rely on government assistance such as Medicaid, All-kids, and Medicare. According to an article I read in the New York Times magazine, Grady Memorial Hospital is known for teaching and treating populations affected by illness. Yet they currently have a debt of seventy- million dollars owed to Emory Medical as well as Morehouse school of Medicine. Fortunately these schools provide the hospitals with residents who are willing and eager to learn and teach. But unfortunately patient care is suffering because of financial crisis. Only a certain percentage of the cost of medical care is paid back to the hospitals and some do not receive any so what happens to the hospital facility? Well if no-one funds these uninsured and underinsured patients, then the operational cost starts to rise daily and patient care is reduced. Hospital closures affect all consumers drastically. For example uninsured and underinsured patients depend primarily on these safety net hospitals to provide them with the care and treatment that is need for an affordable rate depending upon their budgets. Patients with respiratory disorders need to see a health care provider, patients with diabetes need to see a healthcare provider, HIV patients and etc. These people need prescriptions whether they are generic or brand name. The patients need to be taught about their illness and their families as well. Pregnant teens and single mothers depend on this system for nurture health and wellness. If these hospitals are closed then these patients are forced to go with little or no healthcare and no patient teaching as well.
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