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Topics: Law, Common law, Human rights Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Chapter 1 – Prevention Philosophy

1) The best definition of “litigation” is?
a. When a lawsuit ends
b. The bargaining between management and union representatives c. A lawsuit between the government and a hospitality manager d. The act of initiating and carrying out a lawsuit

2) The best definition of “Civil Law” is?
a. All legal action that occurs based on laws that were written before the Civil War b. Derived from common law
c. Is interested in precedent, or what has been decided in previous court cases with similar situations d. A body of law created by government entities that are concerned with private rights and remedies as opposed to criminal matters

3) The body of law known as “Common Law” descends from?
a. The founding fathers of our country
b. The laws of Great Britain
c. Middle ages laws
d. The minds of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

4) The “S” in STEM stands for?
a. Selection of the correct employee for the job
b. Selection of wholesome foods so the guests stay healthy
c. Selection of the best property to get the most profit from the company’s investment d. Selecting employees at the last minute to fill open positions

5) “Ethics” means?
a. The legal way to hire employees
b. The behavior of an individual toward another individual or group c. The rights of an employer over their employees
d. If something is legal, it is also ethical

6) Sixty to seventy percent of management decisions made on a daily basis have some type of legal dimension. a. True
b. False

7) As long as a manager has a good knowledge of the law, it is not very important to be concerned with attempting to prevent legal situations from arising. a. True
b. False

8) The best way to produce an environment conducive to positive motivation is to establish trust and respect with your employees. a. True
b. False

9) It is more effective and efficient to find your employees doing something wrong, than to find them doing something right in the...
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