HOSP 594

Topics: United States, U.S. state, State Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: October 5, 2014
Chapter 4: World, National, Regional, and Other Organizations Case Problems

1. A popular tourist state has fallen on hard times. The state government can no longer provide adequate funds for its state park system. The governor has proposed a “group maintenance” policy for the parks. This means that all the parks in a given part of the state would be managed on a group basis. Eliminated would be all of the individual local park managers. Several million people visit these parks each year – an important part of the state’s tourism. What might be some feasible solutions to the funding problems of the park system?

We all know that the tourism plays an important role in the overall national economy and each of its own country depends on the revenue that is collected/generated from tourism every year. The industrial product produced is an economy. As stated in the question above it is a good way to start as group maintenance to resolve this solution by funding in the case of parks. When different groups of each and every area is scheduled for maintenance on the regular basis it will help lower the work to everyone and looks good unity which is always a good thing. This way it will not be work overloaded to just one particular group but will be distributed among all the other groups as well. On the other side it will be benefitted financially if some funding organizations approaches at the same time.

2.Two city council members are having an argument. A proposed budget item for tourist promotion for the coming fiscal year is being considered. One member endorses this item enthusiastically. The other states, “ We don’t benefit much from tourists’ spending here because of the high leakage. I won’t vote for this item; let’s forget it.” You are attending this meeting as a representative of the convention and visitor bureau. How would you respond? If you felt that your declarations were not very convincing, what research should be conducted...
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