Horses - Edwin Muir

Topics: Rhyme, Poetry, Stanza Pages: 4 (798 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Summary of the Poem:
A horse lover (for their majesty and strength) recalls his childhood and his experience through the industrial revolution.
Structure/ text level analysis
1. Constant caesura throughout the poem.
a. Illustrates the poet’s attempt to try and recall the past. Note that there are a lot found especially towards the beginning of the poem in the first few stanzas of the poem. b. “It fades! It fades!” The use of the “!” is used as an enjambment to demonstrate how much the poet wishes to continue replaying his memories despite him being unable to do so. Thus the word “fades” 2. Rhyme scheme

a. AABB rhyme scheme throughout, with the exception of the masculine rhyme and the lost rhyme, which both still are found consecutively. b. Masculine rhyme at the last stanza
i. “Pine”, “Crystalline” ii. Indicates the masculinity and heavy industry usually perceived during the industrial revolution. c. Lost rhyme found in the first and second last stanza. i. “plough”, “now” ii. “wind”, “blind” iii. Demonstrates how that in the end, we get lost in time. These are words that used to rhyme in Shakesperean times. 3. Time shift as you continue to read on in the story a. Medieval times

i. The bare field ii. Reference to magic b. Industrial period

i. Blackening rain 1. Reference to soot and air pollution...
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